La Maison Weibel a story of taste, passion and know-how.

In 1954 Georges Weibel founded la Maison Weibel and called it « Au Pêché Mignon ». With his wife, Denise, they wrote the first chapters of a story that would delight the people of Aix for decades to come…..
George’s youngest son, Nicolas, joined the family business in 1978. At just eighteen years old, Nicolas quickly made a place for himself on the team and would eventually became the head of the laboratory.
Nicolas completed his degree and definitively took over the business from his father with his wife, Catherine who took over running the shop.
Following structural renovations in 1998, a small tea room and ice cream counter were built and were an immediate success. La Maison Weibel continues to craft the highest quality desserts and sweets in keeping with the rules of the art.
Paul, Nicolas’s youngest son joined the business in 2006. After working in production and sales, he took over management of the business a few years later.
In 2016, a new boutique was opened and a new visual identity was developed for La Maison Weibel. However, our traditional recipes have not changed one bit.
After many fulfilling years running the company, Paul decided to leave the business to pursue other projects. 
Today, his older brother, Adrien, has taken over the business to carry on this magnificent family story.

Help us write the next chapter together.

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